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According to the 2022 reports from Residential Markets, the real estate business in Dubai saw an immense hike. People associated with the real estate business in Dubai have claimed that it was a remarkable year for their business. You must have come across the maxim that says: ‘Hit the iron when it’s hot.’ The Dubai real estate market is booming. So, get there and explore as a real estate broker or agent today. 

People undergo a real struggle when they have to find a home for themselves. The struggle gets even worse especially when people travel from a distant location and try to look for a home in Dubai. This is where the real estate agents come to aid. 

Know about the best platform for checking real estate agent in Dubai and how to become real estate agent by reading this blog till the end.

Tips to Become a Real Estate Agent in Dubai

There is no doubt about the booming real estate sector of Dubai. If you have a deep desire and passion to help people with the right properties, here are some tips to make you a successful real estate agent in Dubai.

1. Look for The Right Brokerage

The entire Dubai is filled with hundreds of real estate firms. Here is the trick. Always choose a brokerage with whom you can see your professional growth. In short, the company should help you evolve as a better real estate agent. Picking an experienced and reputed one works better. The other factors you should take care of include the commission structure, visa insurance, medical insurance, marketing support, and admin.

2. Get Proper Certifications

Gaining the trust of your clients is your responsibility. To make yourself appear as a credible and trustworthy real estate broker, you need to acquire the necessary certifications. Your certifications will prove you as a trusted real estate broker. Here, the agency you join plays a vital role. You must first complete the Certified Training Course that the Dubai Real Estate Institute offers. Next, you get the registration of a certified broker from the Dubai Police. Finally, RERA will issue a broker card in your name with a year’s validity.

3. Be aware of The Dubai Real Estate Laws

When you have a RERA broker card, it means you can lawfully work as a real estate agent or a broker in Dubai. Here, you have to understand that the rules of the governing bodies differ according to the emirates. When it comes to governing bodies, you ought to get familiar with the laws regarding buying and selling properties, rental contracts, and leases in Dubai.

4. Build a Solid Network

Today, whatever business you are in, networking matters the most. If you can create a solid network, you are sure to win. If you want people to come to you, building a good rapport and network is highly important. Here, your network should consist of potential sellers, buyers, and renters. You can also include mortgage loan officers and appraisers in your networking list for better visibility. Utilizing social media for enhanced networking is a smart move. You can ask your customers to give feedback and referrals for better visibility.

5. Learn to Market Yourself

As a real estate broker or agent, the way you market yourself matters. There are hundreds of real estate brokers thriving in Dubai. Why should people choose you? Well, you ought to market yourself and provide them with an answer to this question. Further, using the advancement of technology to leverage your presence. Always keep in touch with your previous customers.

6. Try Honing The Skills & Being an Expert

As a real estate agent, your skills are the ones that’ll speak for you. One of the most sought-after skills of a real estate agent is to stay aware of the market trends. How do you do that? Well, subscribing to real estate magazines, and news portals will help you learn the trends faster. As a real estate agent in Dubai, keep on upskilling and learning the different nuances of the industry.

7. Attach The Perfect Price Tag

Fixing the right price for the properties is a challenging task. If you cannot fix the correct price, you will be losing clients. Before you fix the price of your properties, it is crucial to undergo a well-researched study of the market. The entire real estate industry is constantly changing. So, learning the market trends will help you to fix the correct price. Although you should aim at providing the property to your clients at the best price, make sure to not sit with a property for long.

8. Perform as a Client Advocate

Being a real estate agent or broken in today’s time means you ought to possess the tenacity to gather leads and be a spokesperson for your client. Here, you have to be a smart worker and put in the right amount of effort and time to make both ends meet.

9. Possess an Engaging Personality

According to RERA, the real estate brokers of Dubai must possess a high-quality personality and be able to represent their sector and department. Besides, real estate brokers should also be aware of their duties and rights to serve the customers well. Keeping this in mind, you have to adopt strategies to sell yourself and not just the properties.

10. Gain Adequate Knowledge

Above all, knowledge is power. You certainly don’t want to stand like a fool in front of your clients, especially when they enquire about something you aren’t aware of. At different points in your life as a real estate broker or agent, you’ll have to play various roles like salesperson, negotiator, business manager, consultant, and many more.


Therefore, to be the best real estate agent in Dubai, you should work hard, and be dedicated to your goals. After all, buying or selling a property requires adequate knowledge. Guiding people on this agenda can help them make the best decision.

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