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The Buying YouTube Views 2015 desire to enhance visibility and interaction on this platform has grown more important than ever due to YouTube’s steadily rising popularity as a platform for content creators and marketers alike. To get a competitive edge, plenty of people and companies are being enticed to buy YouTube views in 2015. While purchasing views may appear to be a simple fix to increase the perceived popularity of your channel, doing so carries many serious dangers and potential negative effects that could damage your online reputation. We will look at the drawbacks of purchasing YouTube views in this article and offer some alternatives for organic growth.

The False Promise of Success

By increasing the number of views on a video, buying YouTube views gives the appearance of success. It might create the impression of having more popularity, which might tempt real viewers to click on the video out of curiosity. These purchased views, however, frequently come from inactive or automated accounts, which means they do not interact with the content or add to its true worth. As a result, the video can receive a lot of views but fail to produce engaging responses like likes, comments, and shares, which are crucial for developing a successful YouTube channel.

Breaking the Terms of Service for YouTube

YouTube’s platform standards expressly forbid the use of dishonest techniques, such as buying views, to artificially increase view counts. Such actions may result in serious repercussions, such as the removal of videos, the suspension of channels, or even permanent exclusion from the network. For content producers who have spent time and effort developing their channels, this can be a serious setback.

Deceptive Marketing Risk

Purchasing YouTube views for companies and brands can backfire since it encourages dishonest marketing techniques. Brands run the danger of misinforming their target audience when they use videos with fabricated high-view numbers to advertise their goods or services. Today’s consumers expect authenticity and transparency; therefore, any dishonest marketing strategy could damage a brand’s reputation and cause potential customers to lose trust in it.

Low-Quality Engagement & Views

The views achieved through purchasing frequently come from viewers who are not engaged or interested. These viewers are unlikely to continue watching the video since they are not engaged in the subject matter. This lack of sincere interaction may negatively impact the video’s performance in YouTube’s algorithms, decreasing the likelihood that it will show up in suggested videos or search results. A higher watch duration, more user interaction, and better search rankings are more likely to result from genuine views from viewers who genuinely like the material.

The Effect on Content Producers

While the temptation to buy YouTube views is strong, content creators should concentrate on producing high-quality, engaging material to gain a genuine following. Buying views not only violates YouTube’s regulations but also degrades the time and effort put into creating good content. Furthermore, relying on purchased views promotes a dependence on fake metrics rather than cultivating a strong and true viewing community.

Alternative Organic Growth Strategies

Instead of purchasing YouTube views, content creators and businesses can use the following legal ways to organically develop their channels and increase viewership:

  1. Consistent and high-quality material: Concentrate on creating valuable, well-produced material that speaks to your target audience. Upload videos regularly to keep visitors interested and returning for more.
  2. Optimize Video Names and Descriptions: Create catchy and SEO-friendly video names and descriptions to help visitors find your content in search results.
  3. Use Social Media and Collaborations: To reach a larger audience, promote your films on various social media platforms. Collaborate with other authors to obtain exposure and tap into their fan base.
  4. Respond to comments, solicit feedback, and encourage discussions to develop a sense of community and loyalty among your viewers.
  5. Utilize YouTube Analytics: Use YouTube analytics to gain a better understanding of your audience’s preferences and activity. Make your material relevant to their interests and requirements.


While buying YouTube views may appear to be a quick way to success, it is a risky and unwise practice that can ruin your channel and reputation in the long term. Instead, content creators should concentrate on creating excellent material, engaging with their audience, and employing real organic growth tactics. YouTube creators may establish a passionate and engaged following that will lead to long-term success on the site by valuing authenticity and dedication to generating excellent content.

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