Suitcase: Properly Pack Your Bags for Vacations

How to Properly Pack Your Suitcase

I’m sure you might be really ready for that trip you have been waiting for so long. Tickets booked, hotels reserved, shopping done—now comes the big part: how to arrange those purchased items properly in a suitcase. Back at home, your mother always did it perfectly for you, but now that you’re far away from home, you have to do it yourself. Well, men, you don’t have to miss your mothers for packing your bags and regret your decision to move out of the home. We have got you covered with tips on how systematically you can arrange your suitcase for your trip.

Tips To Ensure You Pack Your Suitcase Properly

 1. Make a Checklist

Make sure that before packing your bag, you make a checklist of all the essential items you will require for the trip. From toiletries to medicines, clothes, and other necessary items, ensure you write down everything you will need on the trip. Try making the checklist 1 to 2 weeks before the trip so that if you miss out on anything, you can shop for it. Making a planning list will also not allow you to carry any extra items. Why carry that extra T-shirt if it is not needed? This is the best way to pack items that are really needed, avoiding the packing of unnecessary items.

2. Choose The Proper Size Of The Bag

It is really important to choose the right size of bag before packing your luggage. It is senseless that you pack your entire bag and then realize that half of your items have yet to be packed. Carrying two smaller bags is always the right option if you have company with you. One suitcase and one handbag are sufficient for solo travelers. Make sure you pick the right size for both bags, and then, according to the checklist, pack them systematically.

3. Divide The Luggage

Make sure you divide your luggage according to the bags. If you are carrying two bags—one suitcase and another handbag—then you have to divide your travel essentials accordingly. Make sure you keep all your shirts, pants, men’s casual cargo pants, jeans, shoes, and other apparel items in the big suitcase. Your handbag should have all your essential items, like toiletries, makeup, chargers, electronic items, etc. By doing this, you will be packing systematically and will know which of your items are kept where.

4. Lay Out Everything and Select The Important

Before deciding what you want to pack, it is a better option to lay out everything you want to carry with you. Decide all the apparel you want to carry, from summer co-ord sets to jeans, t-shirts, shirts, shorts, etc. Through this, you can also discover some new clothes you forgot about. Remove all your shoes from the shoe rack and select the neutral one that will go well with all the outfits. Carrying different shoes for each of your outfits is senseless and just piles on extra, unnecessary stuff.

5. Prefer Rolling and Folding

To pack your suitcase neatly and systematically, you must properly roll and fold your clothes. If you keep them untidy instead of putting 10 clothes inside the bag, only 5 will be accommodated. Use the rolling method for small clothes like t-shirts, scarves, shirts, etc. Doing so will save a lot of space in your suitcase and help you pack it with all the necessary essentials. There are also other hacks for keeping your clothes in your suitcase; you can watch those hacks on YouTube and save a lot of space.

6. Pack The Needed Clothes at The Top

If you are on vacation for a week and have already decided on the outfits, pack the important and needed clothes at the top. Let’s suppose the first thing you do after settling into the hotel is take a shower. Of course, you will need comfortable clothes. Put your pyjamas, t-shirts, etc., at the top so you can easily put them on without spoiling the entire suitcase. Also, keep the woollens, if you carry any, at the top so you can use them if the temperature suddenly drops.

Wrap Up

Going on vacation can really be exciting and full of adventures. For such thrilling experiences, you require some travel essentials; ensure you have them in your suitcase. The real task is figuring out how to properly arrange those travel must-haves in your suitcase. Well, do not worry about it anymore; above are some ways you can follow to pack your suitcase systematically.

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